Adi Nes

Born in 1966, Kiryat Gat, IL
Lives and works in Tel Aviv, IL
Sivan Computer School, Tel Aviv, IL
Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program, New York, NY, US
B.F.A. Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, IL

Adi Nes works show a shrewd and meticulous stage-work, based on direct references to well-known works in art history. Is involved an iconographic and theoretical re-interpretation of original subjects, which are transposed into a contemporary setting and environment. Adi Nes plans and constructs each one of his images like a film director. The goal is to reflect the moment which encapsulates the whole action. The images seem to waver between pose and movement. What is distinctive about Adi Nes is the intelligence he applies in juxtaposing the intensity of the film image with classical compositions drawn from the history of painting, in photographs which reveal us a critical eye on his time.





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