Julien Nédélec

Born in 1982, Rennes, FR
Lives and works in Nantes, FR

Nédélec creates a host of formal games and combinations of meanings. He conceives objects for contemplation whose aesthetic seems minimalist but whose mode of existence and presentation reaches beyond simple aesthetic pleasure. Their reception goes well beyond their immanence. The artist plays with the ontological pluralism of the works by over-investing the discursive function of the titles. As Michel Butor has written, the work and its title constitute "two poles between which an electricity of meaning circulates".

Ever since he graduated from the art school in Nantes in 2009, Julien Nédélec has been endlessly productive, his work driven by a sense of curiosity. "I discovered contemporary art late in life. I still feel that I'm learning. Creating is my way of developing my knowledge. I get to know the artists I admire by producing my own take on some of their attitudes."





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