Paris - 14.10.2017 > 25.11.2017

Philippe Decrauzat


Delay, Philippe Decrauzat’s new series of paintings suggests that an aesthetic renewal may well be underway, but not one that entirely disrupts his artistic language, nor the narrative that he has been endeavouring to establish since his beginnings. If the form is unchanged, the spatiality of his work has evolved to adapt to a core derived from the same matrix. His aesthetic approach makes good use of the formal resemblance of which Heidegger was so fond, asking the fundamental question of humankind’s penchant for structuring itself in terms of its temporality and relationship to time.

Los Angeles - 04.11.2017 > 22.12.2017

Guy Yanai

Barbarian in The Garden

Praz-Delavallade Los Angeles is pleased to present its first solo exhibition by Guy Yanai, opening on November 4 and on view through December 22, 2017. Yanai’s practice is fueled by fables, stories and hymns—each painting a reflection of the pragmatic side of our life. In his isolated moments one may find a smiling child, a big splash, lonely banana, bristling cactus, modernist lamp, a singing bird or a tiny boat gliding on placid waters below a clear sky. These individual vignettes bleed into one another and could continue forever, suspended in time. Many of Yanai’s subjects are intentionally recognizable and commonplace, rendered into a pixelated appearance.