Los Angeles, September 15 - November 3, 2018

For his first Los Angeles exhibition, Fougeirol presents recent works from several on-going series that show off startlingly diverse material properties of oil paint. Capturing the brief period when paint exists in liquid form — after pigment has been mixed with oil and varnish, but before the solution has adhered to the canvas — the “Robe Du Soir”, 2018 paintings range from all-over compositions of washy and bubbly overlapping jewel tones to thick ripples of black, white, and gray paint that suggest oozing lava. Fougeirol’s dusted paintings, on the other hand, are finished off with a spray of dry pigment powder. This technique creates soft contours around mounds of impasto, making the hardened paint appear like miniature (and fantastically colorful) snow-capped mountains.

Paris, September 8 - October 6, 2018

Fabien Mérelle’s new exhibition at Praz-Delavallade could be considered a portrayal of the artist in everyday life, a mise en scène of what happens within the confines of a place of leisure, a workplace, a place for creating or within a personal and intimate space. But what form does it take and what impression does it make on others? In the 1950s, a study by the American sociologist Erving Goffman, "The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life" addressed how we engage in behaviour akin to theatrical performances in our daily life, at the times when individuals come face to face and simultaneously try to control the impression they make, whilst attempting to gain information about the other.