Selected Works



Born in 1972, New York, NY, US
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, US
M.F.A., Royal College of Art, London, UK
B.A., Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH, US

"My work involves a completely fictional narrative about a community of Swiss artists in a generic modernist past. The institutions that surround the artists are the protagonists of the story, while the individual identities of the artists remain unknown. These institutions include an art school, an art gallery, an art and office supply manufacturer, a publishing company, a philanthropic tobacco company, and the quasi-governmental Swiss Standards Organization. Although the setting is ostensibly Zürich in the year 1997 I treat both time and place with total license. I avoid any claims to authenticity. The fragmented history is told through a wide variety of media that represent the material remnants of a forgotten culture."
— Dan Levenson.