21 March – 23 May 2015

HOW TO REMOVE DARK SPOTS is a new installation that explores the artist’s ongoing interest in the looping relationships between production and presentation, the universal and the personal, and the reflexive interplay between these objective and subjective territories through sculpture, paintings, textiles and site-specific gestures.

Directly engaging the architectural anatomy of the gallery as well as employing hyperbolic gestures native to the site of the studio, HOW TO REMOVE DARK SPOTS ruptures the veneers of direct experience and the sensations of looking through the collapse of binaries: genuine artifacts and articulated props, archeology and theatre. Maps, architectural scale models, and other location devices are polluted with cultural strata, authentic and simulated relics, and self-conscious objects engaged in decidedly linguistic behavior. Forensic residue of the hand at work is amplified and atomized in careful orchestration. Color palettes bleed between diverse entities and peripheral spaces insistently slip into the primary.

Wild shifts in scale and points of view engage close focus while simultaneously providing an establishing shot. The result is an environment of acute disorientation.