21 April – 23 May 2007

Praz-Delavallade is pleased to announce an exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist Analia Saban.

Analia Saban approaches her work scientifically. In this exhibition, she explores the issue of gravity. By looking at drawing lines, brushstrokes and shapes not two dimensional planes but as three dimensional objects with their own volume and weight, she plays with the structure of drawings and paintings: what happens when their structure collapses?

To achieve this concept, she presents two new bodies of work: the "Collapsed Drawings" series and the "Painting Slippage" series.

In her Collapsed Drawings, she appropriates drawings from Art History's masters such as Guercino, Durer, Kandinsky or Matisse among others. Then she separates the lines from the drawing's background - the loose lines collapse from the drawing to the floor of the frame.

In the Painting Slippage series, she applies a similar process. However, instead of drawing lines, she separates the paint from the canvas. The result is a fabric like plane of interwoven acrylic brushstrokes that physically slip from the canvas.

Analia Saban lives and works in Los Angeles, California.