30 May – 25 July 2015

Like the recent exhibitions of his artwork and the group shows that he has organized, Pictures, Chromogenic and Pigment, #2 continues Chang’s interest in using forms of production and materiality that allow his photographic work to function only in the context of contemporary art. Chang’s interest is in eschewing the plurality that is specific to photography in order to occupy a plurality specific to art itself, namely art’s ability to function as decor, as an object of discussion, as an artifact, and as a commodity. This exhibition is the second iteration following an exhibition from 2014 at M+B and is the first to pair a series of purple monochromes with black works on paper.

The monochromes in the exhibition were made using a digital file that measures 14,400 pixels x 18,000 pixels and constitutes 777 MB of information. Each monochrome on view was printed in Los Angeles at the fine art photo lab and community darkroom, Contact, using an Océ LightJet 430 to expose Kodak Endura Glossy photographic paper. The paper was developed and bleach-fixed using a Kreonite KMIV RA4 color processor. Each of the works were mounted on aluminum by Pro Image Service and framed under Optium Museum Acrylic by Atelier Tetragone.

The works on paper were made by applying inkjet printer ink onto inkjet paper using Quickie brand sponge mops in lieu of a computer and inkjet printer. Each work consists of bottled ink manufactured by Media Street that has been applied to glossy inkjet paper manufactured by Epson. Like the photographic monochromes, each of the works were mounted on aluminum and framed under Optium Museum Acrylic.